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Subject: Commission proposal on plant varieties. Subject: Role of environmental assessment concerning Rosyth international container terminal. Subject: Coordination of banking supervision. Subject: EU position on exploiting Arctic resources. Subject: Pupils of the English School, Nicosia. Subject: Systemically important insurance services. Subject: Exclusion of certain companies from ICT calls for tender. Subject: Commission action on the safe transportation of workers in the oil industry. Subject: Decrease in grassland butterfly population in the EU.

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Subject: Human rights in Russia and the EU's external relations. Subject: Problems associated with the digital single market. Subject: Investments in the development of mobile telecommunications networks. Subject: NSA attacks on European undertakings. Subject: Loss caused by espionage and industrial espionage. Subject: Contributions to chambers of commerce in Greece and Europe. Subject: Effects of backloading and structural reform of the ETS.

Subject: Gezi Park protests: human rights violations by the Turkish authorities. Subject: Request for measures to support workers facing dismissal at Plasmon. Subject: Commission flyer on animal welfare and the terms it uses. Tsoukalas to the Council. Subject: Stroke prevention and atrial fibrillation management.

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Subject: EU to establish more Union-wide level competitions in more fields. Title XXI of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union states that Union policy on energy must aim to ensure the functioning of the energy market. In the opinion of the Commission, would price capping by a Member State be detrimental to the functioning of the energy market? A functioning energy market with effective competition between energy companies is the best guarantee for cost-reflective energy prices.

However, such a market cannot be achieved without prices being based on supply and demand fundamentals.

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State intervention in the form of general caps for energy retail prices tend to have a detrimental effect on the functioning of the energy market as they deter new suppliers from market entry by reducing incentives for innovation and investment by both new entrants and incumbents, and holding back the development of stronger competition for the benefit of the consumer. While protection of vulnerable consumers remains paramount also in an integrated and competition-driven internal energy market, it can be more effectively provided through more targeted means than general price caps — e.

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However, the current fragmentation of the sector is putting a brake on its expansion. This has led to a highly piecemeal approach to regulating the sector, far from the single market ideal. Greater EU cooperation would both protect consumers and promote competition. What steps does the Commission believe are required to ensure that a more coherent approach is taken in order to prevent a further loss of competitive advantage for the EU?

Given the intended application to the online gambling sector of the Fourth Money Laundering Directive, what measures will the Commission be taking to ensure that the sector is put on an equal footing with the broader e-commerce and financial services sectors e.

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The economic significance of the sector is demonstrated by the high level of innovation of the European industry. The expert group brings about an exchange of experiences and good practices. The Commission recognises the need for common efforts at EU level in the area of online gambling to properly protect European consumers. Therefore, the Commission is considering a number of initiatives, in particular recommendations on common consumer protection rules and responsible advertising.

The implementation of these consumer protection measures remains primarily the responsibility of national authorities. The Commission is not currently considering the measures proposed by the Honourable Member. In der Verordnung EG Nr. Heavy metals, such as tin, nickel, iron, cadmium, mercury, lead or even aluminium, occur somewhat more frequently in the air, water, soil and therefore also in food as a result of industrial process than would naturally be the case.

These trace elements are added to foodstuffs and are often taken as food supplements, thus resulting in further excessive intake; surplus heavy metals can be deposited in the bones, liver, kidneys and brain. This results in diseases, disorders, intolerances and allergies.

This is a rising trend. If so, what are they? The resulting data are collected by EFSA and compiled into thematic reports. Based on the outcome of these reports, the situation is constantly monitored in view of further lowering existing maximum levels. Chemical elements that have a biological function in the body so-called trace elements are not treated as contaminants as minimal quantities are needed in food for a normal body function.

However, in cases where EFSA opinions point out that they are important contributors to dietary exposure, maximum levels are established for food supplements. Im Zuge der Strategie Europa soll das Bildungsniveau erheblich verbessert werden. Wenn ja, welche?

Nevertheless, one in five Europeans cannot read or write properly. This problem is particularly widespread in southern Europe. What further steps does the Commission plan to take in order to make school education more attractive? What measures does it also plan to take to further increase the standard of education throughout Europe? What long-term strategies has the Commission developed in order to reduce the north-south divide that still exists with regard to the level of education in Europe?

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The role of the Commission is to support Member States in their efforts to improve their education and training systems and to support their cooperation. Within the Open Method of Coordination OMC in education and training, the Commission focuses especially on issues related to low skills, early school leaving ESL , early childhood education and care as well as teacher education.

It addresses questions of equity, inclusiveness and quality in school education. Reducing regional disparities in education and training will be among the objectives of these programmes. Betrifft: Aluminium als Krankheitsverursacher. Al in Trinkwasser stelle eine weitere, weniger bedeutende Expositionsquelle dar. Derzeit werden einige Al enthaltende Lebensmittelzusatzstoffe verboten.

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Aluminium is found in numerous foods, medicines, toothpastes and deodorants and is often used to purify drinking water. What measures are planned in order to put stricter controls on the use of aluminium and aluminium-containing products and therefore to protect the health of EU citizens?

To what extent does the Commission plan to provide greater support for research into the effects of too high a concentration of aluminium in the body? What measures have been taken and what objectives set in order to reduce the use of aluminium in the purification of drinking water? What measures does the Commission have planned for promoting the use of alternatives to aluminium?

EFSA noted that the major route of exposure to Al for the general population is through food. Al in drinking water represents another, minor, source of exposure. Additional exposures may arise from the use of aluminium compounds in pharmaceuticals and consumer products. Consequently, the Commission took measures to reduce Al intake from food additives. Some Al containing food additives are being banned. The use and maximum limits for all other Al containing food additives will be significantly reduced.

The upper limit for Al for allergens and vaccines is 1. The SCCS opinion is expected for the second quarter of at the latest. Welche positiven Ergebnisse kann die Kommission vorlegen? The EU remains the region with the highest level of alcohol consumption worldwide and the most alcohol-related injuries and accidents. According to media reports, there are even more deaths caused by alcohol consumption than as a result of traffic accidents.

What positive results can it present? How can the implementation of the new European action plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol be improved so as to actually reduce the harmful use of alcohol?